DENARA is a Philadelphia based luxury womenswear brand. Taking inspiration from our European roots, we work to create exclusive, classic, fashion-forward, collections that empower women through high quality fabrics and flattering silhouettes. Besides creating high fashion looks, we also invite you to step into true luxury with our customization service. Check out our bespoke page to discover more.

our Philosophy

We exist to celebrate the individuality of every women through fashion. Here at DENARA we are all about the details. We strive for perfection through our premium quality fabrics, artisan craftsmanship, and tailor fit.


We are here for you. We believe women should be celebrated for their individuality. So we create clothes with you in mind. We on a mission to help you look fabulous. Our bespoke service enables you to customize and tailor the fit of every look in our collections. Each piece is crafted to look and feel as if it were made for you.


To us luxury means quality, craftsmanship, custom experience, exclusive access, and a perfect fit every time. A luxury experience at DENARA equals the following:

  • Custom Fit: If your size isn’t compatible with our size chart, send us your measurements and we will create the garment that will be the perfect fit for you. Go to the bespoke page for more details.

  • Custom Look: Want a few changes made to one of our looks? Just send us a message and we will alter any of our designs to create for you a customized look. Visit our bespoke page for more details.

  • Exclusive Design: All of the pieces from our collections are limited edition. That means only a few women will have the pleasure of owning our looks. We like to keep our collections exclusive with only a few of each piece in existence. Once a look is sold out no more will ever be created. This gives you the ability to have your look be truly original.

  • Quality: Everything we create is made from premium fabrics that are hand picked by our designers.To ensue to highest level of quality everything is made here in the USA.


Most of our team moved from Europe in hopes of living the American Dream. As a result we refuse to outsource our manufacturing to other countries. Everything we create is made in our home city of Philadelphia. We believe in fair wages and respectable working environments especially for our seamstresses who are the people who make the magic happen. Supporting local businesses and creating jobs is important to us as Americans.